Kelowna Airport Transportation | Kelowna International Airport (YLW)

Airport transfer in Okanagan Valley? Professional ground transportation? Limousine service? Shuttle Services, Sightseeing tours? Corporate events or wedding day? Staff transportation or private document deliveries? Our drivers are highly skilled, fully licensed transport providers, allowing you to enjoy the ride, confident that you are in safe hands.

Whether short or long-term, for professional reasons or a particular event, for one person or for the entire company, Altimate Club Wine Tour by Car keep the solutions to meet your needs in two main categories.


Shuttle from West Kelowna to Kelowna Airport $85.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Shuttle from Peachland to Kelowna Airport $99.00

Kelowna Airport to La Casa Resort Sightseeing Tour $115.99 per person.
La Casa Resort Sightseeing to Airport Kelowna Tour $115.00 per person.
Kelowna Airport to Lake Okanagan Resort Tour Sightseeing Tour $115.99 per person.
Lake Okanagan Resort Sightseeing to Kelowna Airport tour $115.99 per person.
Kelowna Airport to Peachland Sightseeing Tour $115.99 per person.
Peachland Sightseeing to Kelowna Airport Tour $115.99 per person.
Kelowna Airport to Penticton Lakeside Resort or Motels Sightseeing Tours $155.00 per person.
Penticton Lakeside Resort or Motels sight Seeing Tours To Kelowna Airport $155.00 per person.
Kelowna Airport to Sparkling Hills Resort or Predator Ridge Golf Course Sightseeing Tours $85.00 per person or may stop for a grocery stop $105.00 per person.
Sparkling Hills Resort or Predator Ridge Golf Course to Kelowna Airport Sightseeing Tour $85.00 per person.
What we like to do for you, is to show you a few sweet spots of Kelowna on the way to your destination from the viewpoint of a tour company.
Our cost is a comparison or cheaper than the other transportation to these locations! 

Frequently asked questions

How soon before my flight departs should I be at the airport? …. There is a … Are there special requirements for children or Other people?
  • Rates are subject to change
  • At time of booking, please let us know if your infant/toddler will need a booster or car seat
  • Please let us know if you need wheelchair accessibility.
  •  check-in and baggage drop closes 45 minutes before a domestic flight, and one hour before an international departure. We recommend guests arrive no later than 90 minutes prior to the departure of a domestic departure and two hours prior to an international flight.
  • Pick up times will be pre-confirmed with clients prior to booking.  Please allow 5-10 minutes leeway for other pickups.
  • Services are confirmed when a request for transportation has been confirmed in writing or text message, Phone: Sharon 250-801-3934.
  • Altimate Club Wine Tours is NOT RESPONSIBLE for anybody late for departures do too, passengers late loading, traffic delays/accidents, road conditions, missed flights due to weather, mechanical or any other conditions.

Please note:

Please note reservations are mandatory. All rates include taxes but not gratuities. Reservation office is open from 8 am until 11 pm  Phone: 250-801-3934.

Reservations may be cancelled up to 48 hours before departure without penalty. If cancelled within 48 hours then 50% of the cost of the reservation will apply. Your reservation assumes release of liability, waiver of claims and assumption of risks and indemnity.

Kelowna Airport Schedule

NOTE*** Scheduled departures are based upon availability and may change without notice

Kelowna Airport Schedule
Departure From YLW 6:50 AM 8:05 AM 9:20 AM 10:35 AM 11:55 AM 1:20 PM 2:50 PM 4:15 PM 5:35 PM 6:50 PM 8:05 PM 9:20 PM

Please check at Kelowna Airport for Departure or delays and any other questions you may have.

Please check the link below…

YLW Kelowna Airport / Passenger/ Frequently- Asked Questions 

Other tour options…
La Casa Resort to Kelowna Sightseeing Groceries Tour  $140.00 per person.
Lake Okangan Resort to Kelowna Sightseeing Groceries Tour  $140.00 per person.
Peachland Sightseeing Stops  / Orchard Tour for seniors Tour  $120.00 per person. (fruit shops on the way. )
Kelowna Airport to Penticton Lakeside Resort or Motels Groceries Tour $195.00 per person.
Sparkling Hills Resort or Predator Ridge Golf Course Groceries  Tour $105.00 per person.